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Friday, December 26, 2008

Info : Microprocessor Intel 4004 & Intel 8008

As shown is the first microprocessor was Intel 4004, introduced in 1971. The 4004 was not very powerful as it was meant as a calculator which contained 2,300 transistors. All it could do was add and subtract 4 bits of data at one time. But it was quite impressive at that time because everything was on one chip.

In 1972, Intel introduced the first 8-bit microprocessor, the Intel 8008. The 8008 consist of 3,500 transistors and operate at 200kHz, and was capable of 60,000 instructions per second. It was designed for computer terminals. The introduction of Intel 4004 and 8008 demonstrated that it was possible to put the entire central processing unit (CPU) in one chip, but it was until the next generation of microprocessor that it was realized.


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